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Harambe System

The T Bundle

The T Bundle

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A premium system built for travel. The T Bundle is half the weight of the K Bundle, and fits in most medium sized check-in luggage.

Patented sling and pulley system. Buttery smooth spin. The T Bar and T Rods are perfect for narrow bands and make stacking multiple bands easy, allowing you to train with progressive overload. [U.S. Patent No. 11,648,436]

Compact bar, plate, rope size, and block. The T Bar has a 1.18 inch diameter, a length of 27.75 inches, and a full stainless steel construction. The T Plate is perfect for travel and engineered from the ground-up to reduce band wear, extending the life of your bands. The rope size (Rope Green) is shorter than standard (Rope Black) and gives the perfect tension for this setup. The foam block, perfect for resting your bar on, is made out of high density foam and has grooves to hold your bar during loading and between sets.

A complete system. Front squat, split squat, deadlift, chest press, overhead press, shrugs, bent-over rows, Ferro curls, tricep extension, chest flies, you name it, this system can do it.



  • Five year warranty on everything except for bands
  • One year warranty on bands


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