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Harambe System

Rope V2

Rope V2

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Rope V2 is our next generation rope. It is more precisely made and has a slimmer profile than the previous generation. Rope V2 features a nylon jacket (instead of polyester) resulting in a softer feel and a more gentle surface for latex bands. 

The new knots are set by machine with over 500 lbs of force, resulting in loops that will not change length with use. Moreover, a proprietary method ensures the sets of 4 loops have nearly indistinguishable lengths, giving a more consistent lifting experience.

Comes in four sizes:

    • Green is our smallest sized rope that is included in the new upcoming T Bundle. Measures 4.5 inches from knot to tail, perfect for T Rods, but cannot be shortened further with spacers.
    • Black is our standard sized rope (pictured) that is included in the K Bundle. Measures 5 inches from knot to tail.
    • Yellow is our medium sized rope (great for progressive overload training when paired with two sets of spacers). Measures 6 inches from knot to tail.
    • White is our x-large sized rope (great for front squats with singled latex bands with the K Bar). Measures 12.5 inches from knot to tail.
    • Blue is our xx-large sized rope (great for back squats with doubled bands, dial in range of motion with additional knots and Spacers). Measures 29 inches from knot to tail.



  • Ropes only - comes in sets of four (4) loops
  • Compatible with all Harambe System bars, spacers, K Rods, and T Rods
  • High-tech construction resulting in loops with over 4000 lb tensile strength
  • Soft and durable nylon jacket
  • UHMWpe core
  • Strong, reliable, and beautiful knot
  • Length that will not change or stretch with use


  • Five year warranty
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