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The brainchild of Khalid Bou-Rabee, PhD

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A full gym that fits under your bed. Front squat, back squat, split squat, deadlift, trap deadlift, bench press, overhead press, shrugs, bent-over rows, Ferro curls, tricep extension, chest flies, you name it, this system can do it.

Train with progressive overload. Adjust force predictably with longer ropes, spacers, stacking bands, and a system built around delivering consistent forces. This brings the king of muscle growth to bands: progressive overload training.

Discover more movements with cross channels and handles. Our patent pending footplate has two cross channels, allowing for chest flies, split squats, short band deadlifts, and more. Coupled with our K Handles, perform trap deadlifts, shrugs, and many isolation movements.

No jerky spin. Bands attach to the bar via a patent pending sling and pulley system that is buttery smooth.

Perfect for narrow bands, extra wide bands, and stacking multiple bands. The geometry of the sling is mechanically so strong that the metal part can be wide without sacrificing strength, allowing the bands to slide after loading for an easier setup. 

Extend the life of your bands. Our patent pending footplate is engineered to reduce friction. It is made out of 100% ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW), which is self-lubricating and durable. This incredible material is used in bullet proof vests and outperforms steel in many applications (including these).

More force when your muscle is stretched. The geometry of Harambe System makes the force curve better mimic that of weights, allowing more load in the lower range when compared to other band bars.

36 inches wide with a working load of 1,000 pounds. That means with the K System you will be able to load the start of movements with over 500 lbs of resistance. Most other bars have this as an overall limit, so they can only load about 200 lbs or less in the lower range.

Our bars will last forever. Our bars are made out of stainless steel (no cheap aluminum or plated steel here), which gives the best grip performance and durability. Our bars and footplate are backed by a ten year warranty.

Better target your muscles with a more stable bar. The K Bar is approximately 12 lbs. This additional weight dramatically changes how movements feel. It reduces stabilizer work and better focuses the main muscles targeted by any movement. Still want a lighter bar for travel? Check out the T Bar in the store.

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