Quality equipment that delivers

Harness the power of barbell and dumbbell weight lifting movements, using resistance bands. Scroll down to learn why Harambe System is the best.

  • Superior materials

    Our bars are made out of stainless steel, which far outclasses aluminum and plain steel in both look, feel, and durability. The Plate is virgin UHMW, which is gentle on bands making band stacking feasible unlike other cheaper materials (e.g., painted steel). This unlocks true progressive overload training β€” the undisputed king of muscle growth.

  • Superior design

    We use a patent pending pulley and sling system instead of hooks. Invented by a professor of mathematics, this innovative system results in smoother spin and more tension/range of motion options through band stacking (using more than one band at a time) and changing sling length (longer ropes = less tension).

  • The band advantage

    Have you ever dropped a phone on your face? It hurts so much because the phone built up momentum. This never happens with force from bands. This makes our system perfect for beginners learning new movements. It also has helped people with arthritis gain strength and mobility.

  • Build a healthier you

    Resistance training is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Name a muscle group, and you can effectively train it with Harambe. Moreover, you can do it without having to worry about gym memberships, commutes, or equipment that takes up an entire room. In fact, Harambe System fits in a bag!

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