Quality equipment that delivers

Harness the power of barbell and dumbbell weight lifting movements, using resistance bands. A patent pending pulley and sling system, invented by a professor of mathematics, allows for smooth even spin, true progressive overload training, and high working loads. There truly is nothing like it.

  • Versatile and compact

    Front squat, back squat, split squat, deadlift, trap deadlift, bench press, overhead press, shrugs, bent-over rows, Ferro curls, tricep extension, chest flies, you name it, this system can do it. And it fits under your bed!

  • Patent pending technology

    Harambe System's patent pending sling attachments are perfect for narrow bands, extra wide bands, and stacking multiple bands (unlike hooks). The geometry of the sling is mechanically so strong that the metal part can be wide without sacrificing strength, allowing the bands to slide after loading for an easier setup.

  • Safe and strong

    A hook, being open on one side, puts unwanted torque on your bar. This makes your bar's spin jerky and unpredictable. Harambe System's revolutionary slings, on the other hand, have buttery smooth spin. With a 1000 lb working load to boot, you can lift heavy with confidence.