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Harambe System



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Our ropes, essential to the Harambe's patented sling and pulley system, stand out with their nylon jackets for a softer touch, compared to the usual polyester. Their ultra-strong UHMWPE cores boast over 4000 lbs in tensile strength, ensuring durability.

We use machines to set knots with more than 500 lbs of force, creating sturdy loops that keep their length. Our unique method also ensures the loops in each set of four are uniformly sized, offering a consistent lifting experience.

Comes in four sizes:

    • Green is our smallest sized rope that is included in the new upcoming T Bundle. Measures 4.5 inches from knot to tail, perfect for T Rods, but cannot be shortened further with spacers.
    • Black is our standard sized rope (pictured) that is included in the K Bundle. Measures 5 inches from knot to tail.
    • Yellow is our medium sized rope (great for progressive overload training when paired with two sets of spacers). Measures 6 inches from knot to tail.
    • White is our x-large sized rope (great for front squats with singled latex bands with the K Bar). Measures 12.5 inches from knot to tail.
    • Blue is our xx-large sized rope (great for back squats with doubled bands, dial in range of motion with additional knots and Spacers). Measures 29 inches from knot to tail. Tutorial videos available: performing back squats and shortening blue ropes.


  • Ropes only - comes in sets of four (4) loops
  • Compatible with all Harambe System bars, spacers, K Rods, and T Rods
  • High-tech construction resulting in loops with over 4000 lb tensile strength
  • Soft and durable nylon jacket
  • UHMWpe core
  • Strong, reliable, and beautiful knot
  • Length that will not change or stretch with use


  • Five year warranty
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