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Harambe System

The Door Anchor

The Door Anchor

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This expertly designed door anchor, known for its remarkable durability and superior quality, significantly enhances your exercise repertoire. It enables a vast array of exercises, including One Arm Pull Downs, Tricep Push Downs, Lateral Raises, and Bicep Curls. By simply anchoring it to any door, you unlock limitless potential for your workouts.


  • 1000 lb safe working load
  • 5 cm wide stainless steel D Ring
  • 5 cm wide heavy duty Nylon webbing
  • Padded to protect your door


  • For safety, it is essential to use this device on the side of the door where the hinges or door jamb are located. Always pull in the direction that the door naturally closes.
  • A secure, well-constructed door is crucial for the safe operation of this device.


    • 5 year warranty
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