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Harambe System

The T Bundle

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$659 USD
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$611 USD

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

A minimal system built for travel. The T Bundle forgoes the heavier K Bar and K Rods for the more travel friendly T Bar and T Rods. The T Bar is 28 inches long and 3.4 lbs.

A complete and compact system. Front squat, split squat, deadlift, chest press, overhead press, shrugs, bent-over rows, Ferro curls, tricep extension, chest flies, you name it, this system can do it.

Train with progressive overload. Adjust force predictably with Spacers, stacked bands, and a system built around delivering consistent forces. This brings the king of muscle growth to bands.

Patented sling and pulley system. Buttery smooth spin. The included T Rods are perfect for narrow bands and makes stacking multiple bands easy.  [U.S. Patent No. 11,648,436]

Extend the life of your bands. Our patent pending footplate is engineered to reduce friction.



  • Ten year warranty on everything except for rope and bands
  • One year warranty on rope and bands