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Harambe System

The Footplate

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A Footplate worthy of our bars. Harambe System's creation has two cross channels and curved, raised lips. It has plenty of foot space for squats while maintaining the tension of a narrower plate because of the curved lips. These lips also keep your bands mid foot, making lifts more consistent. Add new movements to your toolkit with the plate's versatile cross channels. The Footplate is topped off with a stunning wood-like finish that is grippy underfoot.

Pair this with layered latex bands and one of our bars for the ultimate band system!


  • Patent pending design
  • Gentle on bands (might wear logo off, but that's it!)
  • Raised lips reduce surface area the band contacts, thereby reducing friction with the band
  • ~24 inches by ~12 inches, but has the tension of a 22 inch plate
  • 2 inches thick
  • All channels are 4 inches wide. The main channel is 1 inch deep and the cross channels are 1/2 inch deep.
  • Machined with aerospace precision
  • Textured top feels great barefoot
  • Engraved Harambe System logo
  • Two cross channels for split squats, bench press, land mine rows, and many other movements
  • weighs 14 lbs: this plate is as stable as a Main Battle Tank underfoot
  • Working load of 1,000 pounds


  • Ten year warranty