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Harambe System


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Handcrafted loops made out of rope with over 4000 pounds of tensile strength



Add more rope to your collection for multiple sling set ups making progression overload training easy. If a movement is too difficult or easy, simply change the rope length to increase or decrease tension giving you more options with the same number of bands. Collect them all for a robust gym.

    • Charcoal measures 5 inches from knot to tail. Comes in black or red rope.
    • Blaze¬†is our medium¬†sized rope (great for progressive overload training when paired with multiple sets of spacers).¬†Measures 6.5 inches from knot to tail. Comes in yellow rope.
    • Citrine is our large sized rope.¬†Measures 7.5 inches from knot to tail. Comes in orange rope.
    • Silver is our x-large¬†sized rope (great¬†for front squats with singled 41" latex bands, can do singled back squats).¬†Measures 12.5 inches from knot to tail. Comes in silver rope. This size¬†has been supplanted by White Rope V2.
    • Sapphire is our xx-large sized rope (great for back¬†squats with doubled 41" latex bands, dial in range of motion with spacers).¬†Measures 29 inches from knot to tail. Comes in black or blue rope. This size has been supplanted by Blue Rope V2.


  • Ropes only - comes in sets of four (4) loops
  • High-tech rope with 4500 lb tensile strength
  • Dyneema SK78 core
  • Strong and reliable knot


  • One year warranty